I thought you were an angel sent just for me,
As you came and showed me that I’m worthy of being loved.
You came and showed me what its like to love and to be in love.
You came and taught me how to love myself.
You came and looked after me and shower me with everything someone could ask for in a partner.

That was when I fell.

You thought I was a devil worth loving,
As I stayed and showed you that I could love you despite my darkened soul.
I stayed and showed you the horrible things I would do for you because I love you.
I stayed and taught you how to love yourself.
I stayed and nurtured you like any married man could ask from a wife.

That was when you fell.

We have both fallen,
But differently.

You realise that I would light up my soul to feed our future.
You then seek for my soul that you once fill with love.
You began to devour me like I’m a treat you failed to get from above,
A treat that I am so willing to give you.

We have both fallen,
Me in love, you an angel.




Flowers & People

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
My best friend believe you love me
and I do too.

Turns out roses aren’t just red
and violets can’t be categorised as blue.
As you tell her you love her,
she look at me with glimmer.

I pluck those white lilies
and started a new journey
Thinking that only white lilies exists
but I’ve never been more wrong.

That was when I realise
that flowers are like people.
While flowers are multi-coloured,
people are double-faced.